BOMBOCLAAT is the debut studio album by American rapper Yung Garfield. It was released on September 11, 2020. The album's production began in May 2020 and was completed at the beginning of September. Numerous other members of Flex Entertainment were involved in the album's creation, primarily Lil Squeaky, who aided in writing and production for several songs and served as the creative director for the album. Yung Garfield cited Simon Servida is the primarily influence for this album's sound.

Background Edit

Garfield released the mixtape Super Gar-Gar on March 27, 2020. The project established Garfield's signature sound and rapping style, with his very raw delivery and often freestyled lyrics. The mixtape was later reissued on July 4, 2020. The mixtape received generally negative reviews, but several prominent Flex Entertainment artists like J Coyn Drive and Lil Squeaky endorsed the mixtape and gave positive feedback.

Recording and production Edit

In May 2020, Yung Garfield began to produce several instrumentals in Audacity using samples from other songs and using drum loops from the site Looperman. One of the instrumentals he produced was then used in his breakthrough single "Cosby," the lead single for BOMBOCLAAT. The song was written by Garfield and Squeaky, and featured a prominent sample from the theme song to Little Bill. The song also featured a hook from Viper. The song was a major hit for Garfield, peaking at number 13 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, and helped him garner a much bigger following. After releasing Cosby, Garfield became one of the most praised and beloved members of Flex Entertainment and received multiple major shoutouts and endorsements from prominent members of the label like Big Baller B and Yung Schmoobin. A remix of Cosby was released in July, featuring new verses from Lil Squeaky and Big Baller B. The BOMBOCLAAT album was officially announced early in June.

Many more instrumentals were produced over the next several months, many of which have not been used. It is estimated that somewhere around 50 unused beats are lying around on Yung Garfield's hard drive.

The next single was "New Beans" featuring Lil Squeaky & John. The song was released at the beginning of July. A version with a different instrumental was featured on the compilation album Flex Gang, vol. 2. John was credited as Johnn Johnn on this version. The general consensus is that the original version of New Beans, commonly known as the "John Version," is better than the "Johnn Johnn" version. "New Beans" peaked at number 27 on the Hot 100.

The next single was "Better Flex Charts," featuring Emily Finchum, as well as uncredited features from Chad Kroeger, Juice WRLD, and Viper. Chad Kroeger was initially credited, but this credit was removed due to controversy. The song was also a hit, reaching number 23 on the charts. The song was inspired by beef with singer and fellow Flex Entertainment artist Beetlebat since Beetlebat created the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. Despite Cosby's massive Spotify numbers in its second week, the numbers were not counted towards the song's Hot 100 position. The song had a massive drop on the chart in its second week, which many people found to be very suspicious, especially considering the massive second-week numbers on Youtube as well. Beetle explained his reasoning to be Garfield not submitting the Spotify numbers himself, as he is unable to view them. Because of this controversy, Yung Garfield decided to title his next single "Better Flex Charts," and collaborate with Emily Finchum, who has many successful songs on the Flex charts. However, none of the lyrics in the song relate to the Flex charts.

The album's production was finished at the beginning of September 2020, and the album was finally released on September 11, 2020.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Cosby (Remix) [feat. Big Baller B, Viper, & Lil Squeaky]
  2. New Beans (feat. Lil Squeaky & John)
  3. Flex Like Jimmy 2 (feat. .jitters & Lil Bit Handicapped)
  4. Keep Them On They Toes (feat. A.J.)
  5. I Put The New (feat. K. Relly & Roddy Bicch)
  6. Fuh Fuh (feat. Kay-T & Zeewer)
  7. Better Flex Charts (feat. Emily Finchum)
  8. You Can (Pussy Taste Like Skittles) [feat. Lil Odie]
  9. Zoo York (feat. The Zoo)
  10. Better Colour Code (feat. Kid Phang & Tom Sawyer)
  11. Cheese Touch/Poop Touch (feat. Löded Diper & Bimp Lizkit)
  12. Better Flex Fest (feat. Emily Finchum & Lil Squeaky)
  14. 2Pac Only Got Clout For Dying (feat. TwoPack)
  15. My Mom Beat Me 3: The Crucifixion (feat. Lil Jesus)
  16. With Beans Wide Open (feat. Scoot Stopp & J Coyn Drive)

Critical Reception Edit

The album received positive reviews from critics, calling it a massive improvement from his previous mixtape. They applauded the much more varied and focused style of humor presented on the album, as well as how over-the-top much of the humor is. Some critics didn't like the louder, more abrasive moments on the album. It currently has a rating of 72 on Album of the Year from 14 reviews, becoming the ninth most reviewed project that week. It also has a 3.00 on Rate Your Music from 3 ratings. TheDankestMeme gave it a 69/100, describing it as a "very strange, odd and sometimes unlistenable experience that manages to do the very in your face style of comedy rap well."

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