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"BALLADS 2" is the eighth studio album by The Buzz. it was released on June 21st 2021, as a collaboration project with Hackmi Cinematic Universe. The project is an Among Us themed parody album of BALLADS 1 by Joji which features lyric writing and vocal performances from Baby Disappointment and R-K-Dubuya as well as a feature debut from Isaaculous S


  1. Venting
  2. Gimme Sus
  3. Will He (Be Sus)
  4. V3NT
  5. Task Drive
  6. I don't wanna do my tasks
  7. Sabotaging In The Skeld
  8. Voted U
  9. Card Swipe
  10. Can't Self Report You
  11. Vent Thru
  12. No Tasks
  13. Why Am I Still In Medbay
  14. S.U.S (Ft. Isaaculous S)
  15. Mr Imposter
  16. I'll Kill You In 25


  • M-Sack - writer, producer, mixing, lyrics, vocals, mastering
  • R-K-Dubuya - lyrics, vocals
  • Baby Disappointment - lyrics, vocals
  • Isaaculous S - vocals