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Artist of the Month was an award given to artists who were deemed to have a significant impact on the past month with their releases, or were expected to make a big impact in the coming weeks with a big release. The award was only officially given out in January, February, March, and April 2020, but fans and artists have begun to effectively revive the award and want to see it return, and they have helped make a retrospective list of awardees for every month of 2020.



  • January: Kid Phang
  • February: Ashi
  • March: Travis Scotch
  • April: Yung Schmoobin
  • May: N/A
  • June: N/A
  • July: Emily Finchum
  • August: Lil Squeaky
  • September: Yung Garfield
  • October: Yung Lambo
  • November: Beetlebat
  • December: N/A


  • January: WT
  • February: .jitters
  • March: Tending Bike