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Thomas Lind, better known by his stage name Amazing Blizzard, is an American electronic, electro house, trap metal and experimental producer formerly signed to Flex Entertainment. His main influences are Sematary, Buckshot, oscar18, Hackle, GRIMOIRE, SNUFFER, Amazing Blizzard, TURNABOUT, GONERVILLE, Ghost Mountain and Sematary.

He was kicked from Flex Entertainment on June 13, 2020 due to his sound being not fitting in with the label. He is currently signed to Insomnia Café.

Music career[]

2015 - 2018: Origins and Early Career[]

In July 2015, he "started" experimenting with "FL Studio 12" under a different "alias" Evan Cool, only for that project to crash "and" burn, mainly because he used "Bandicam" to record his "material", which led to the GPU to slow "down" and add a bunch of tiny gaps of silence in the recordings. In "April" 2017, he stumbled across an app on the "App" Store, and it was called "Auxy." He "enjoyed" it due to how he was "able" to "use" envelope "filters" and felt way easier to use than "Ableton "Live"" and "Florida Studio." During March "2018", he started "paying" for a subscription to use "Auxy," as they introduced "new" instruments, although he only signed up because they removed all "of" the drum kits. A few of his songs under the Amazing Blizzard alias date back to 2018, although he wouldn’t start using the alias until "January" 10, 2019.

2018 - 2019: Flex Entertainment Discovery[]

Unfortunately in mid-August 2018, his Auxy subscription expired. Later that month, he discovered Submarine Man after hearing about the infamous song that appeared on 6ix9ine’s Spotify profile called "SESE," but he didn’t really pay attention to him all that much after that, as he thought that Submarine Man “sounded like he overdosed on AutoTune." A couple of months after he joined Album of the Year, his attention on Submarine Man was regained after fellow user TheDankestMeme negatively reviewed Submarine Man’s music. In September 2019, he finally decided to re-download Auxy, and he somehow regained access to all of the premium instruments by accident. At the time, he was releasing his Amazing Blizzard stuff under his sole independent label “internet relapse." In an unrelated side project “excludable volcanoes”, he recorded 20 half baked takes of him playing an electric guitar improperly in February 2019. He revisited it in November 2019, mixing them all together, reversing some portions, and placing it on Paulstretch.

On December 1, he decided to release “RAFSTRAUMUR” in FL Studio for the final time before moving back to Auxy. However, some of the last couple of songs from the EP were later deleted by him on Soundcloud so part of his upload limit would be restored. He would ultimately delete those 2 releases from SoundCloud & AudioMack a couple of months later due to him considering those projects to be “non-canon shitposts that weren’t made with Auxy.” On December 13, he released “no, i don’t need your help” (a compilation album consisting of Auxy demos he created from September 2017 to August 2018) on AudioMack. He plans on remastering some of the tracks in the future.

2020: ILLUMINATI, Circles, other ventures in Flex Entertainment, contract termination & a brief controversy[]

On January 10, 2020, he released his first attempt at an album, which was “ILLUMINATI.” He signed to Flex Entertainment the day after the project was released. On April 1, he uploaded an edited version of the March 28 Flex Entertainment playlist curation livestream to his YouTube channel. On April 10, he released 2 projects: the first being “Circles”, being his 2nd album (although it was his debut album on the Flex Entertainment label,) as well as a compilation he compiled featuring AOTYcore musicians. Yung Schmoobin was one of the featured artists on that project. In May, Amazing Blizzard released “ILLUMINATI” & “Circles“ to digital stores for the first time, distributed with United Masters. On June 13, he was kicked from the label due to his electronic style not fitting into the label’s image. He still plans on supporting the label in the future. He then signed to Morning Breath Records 2 months later. Simultaneously, his voiceover work was featured in the cult classic Submarine Man movie "The Stocking" in August. In December, some people in Flex decided to call Amazing Blizzard a snitch after he had made a theory about Lil Flexer aided by Canadian electronic musician 5ach!†. He later retracted it, and immediately decided to purchase BOMBOCLAAT and Lambo Season on iTunes in order for him to redeem himself, which worked for a while.

2021 - present: Transmissions from Nowhere, THE TACHYON SUITE[]

On January 27, 2021, Morning Breath Records decided to shut down their label due to them thinking that “none of [them were] as cut out as [they] should be to run a label,” as well as attributing to a lack of funds. This led Amazing Blizzard to become independent for a short time until he was signed to Insomnia Café. On July 21, he released his most well known album "Transmissions from Nowhere," and on February 11th of next year, he would release his next album "THE TACHYON SUITE." On his 20th birthday [July 21, 2022,] he performed his first (near-2 hour) live concert on YouTube. The audio was then released on Bandcamp as a free download in a live album called "hollow bliss exhibition (07/21/2022)" which he says is his best work to date, Shortly after the concert, he announced that he will take a short hiatus due to creative burnout, as he claimed that he "poured his soul out to make [his] opus" over the course of 15 months.


During his time in Flex, he had received mixed reception, mainly because he felt like an oddball in the roster. On AOTY, Circles (which was the only album he had released on the label,) currently has a user score of 61. Toasterqueen12 mentioned that some of the songs were just stretched out in length. “At times it seems like it’s long stretches of nothing happening. Sure that makes the moments when something does happen a little better, but for the most part it’s just a slog.” She then went on to criticize some songs sounding cheap, like Don’t forget to start satellite program, “where the drums sound so awkwardly placed over the beat it sounds like you’re just remixing someone else’s song.” PipePanic (despite forgetting about it a week later,) praised the album saying that it cleaned up the filler problems that ILLUMINATI suffered from, and “concentrat[ed] a lot more, and gets what [he thought was] a better product overall, creating a really cinematic experience.“ In retrospect, Circles had been praised due to its atmospheric experience, but the tonal whiplash was the thing that thrown people off.

After he had been kicked off of Flex, his reception became more positive. His 3rd album "Transmissions from Nowhere" [released on his 19th birthday] was received to more favorable reviews and it had become his most popular album, with Blizzard being praised for expanding upon his versatility, and cooking up a blossoming atmosphere. However with his recent album "THE TACHYON SUITE," many had felt polarized by the noisy direction he had taken, and as a result has a score of 54 on AOTY, making it his lowest rated album as of today.

In February 2022, he got internet music critic Anthony Fantano to listen to THE TACHYON SUITE by being one of his top donors on his stream. Fantano had a mixed reaction, commenting that the music itself was "interesting" but that he had the wrong approach getting him to listen to a 20-minute noise song as the first impression of Amazing Blizzard. The chat reacted much more negatively, with a Hot to Not ratio of 34.4% to 65.6%, with various people commenting "first time i've ever had to mute the stream lol", "imagine spending all that money just for the whole chat to hate you", and "I don't even want to listen to this ironically".


  • He has met Anthony Fantano in person before.
  • His dad hasn't met John Cena before.
  • He originally contributed to Lil Mosquito Disease’s upcoming album “Infestation”, by contributing a spoken word interlude, as well as making an outro for Game of Mosquito for Submarine Man’s verse, but his parts were then scrapped, leading Amazing Blizzard to place the instrumental for Submarine Man’s track on his album The Abnormal Straits. (Mosquito was also given a songwriting credit.) However with the permission of Mosquito, he released a director’s cut version of the album onto YouTube a week after the album’s release.
  • He isn't known for a line in his review of Lil Mosquito Disease's "Infestation where he says "Imagine going from “Lean in my Cup” to “Get Shot”.
  • His 4th album "THE TACHYON SUITE"
  • He initially made a remix of Lil Mosquito Disease's "Get Shot", but it was ultimately scrapped due to Blizzard not being satisfied with the results. However as part of his "hollow bliss exhibition" concert, he performed a new iteration of it live, where Mosquito's vocals were mashed up with a reworked version of "DOA." Mosquito was also credited as a feature on the live album.



  • Circles (April 10, 2020)
  • The Abnormal Straits (August 28, 2020)
  • Transmissions from Nowhere (July 21, 2021)
  • THE TACHYON SUITE (February 11, 2022)


  • ILLUMINATI (January 10, 2020)
  • Circles 2.0 (October 16, 2020)
  • Father of All Motherfuckers (February 7, 2020)
  • LIPS OF AN ANGEL (June 15, 2021)


  • Rings EP (July 31, 2020)
  • I Should've Known EP (December 25, 2020)
  • From the Bellows of Hell to Your Mom’s Bedroom [Throwaways EP] (July 2, 2021)


  • Album of the Year (Users’ Music Compilation) VOLUME 2 - Various Artists; curated by Amazing Blizzard (April 10, 2020)
  • My Foray into the Forest in Search of the Lost Souls 17-19 (March 25, 2022)
  • hollow bliss exhibition (07​/​21​/​2022) (July 21, 2022)


  • The Amazing Adventures of Ämazing Blïzzard and Co. (March 26, 2021)