16-Bit Fantasy is the debut hip-hop mixtape by up and coming Flex Entertainment rapper Ya Boy Payden that releases October 23rd, 2020 (one of the earliest releases in Era 4). It will contain features from Depp Gibbs, Young Seagull, White Fury, and R&d. It was engineered by Daniel Rysavy, Ya Boy Payden's exclusive engineer. The cover art was made by his IRL friend and graphic designer Irish God.

The album was originally going to have features, but it ended up not having any due to Payden getting grounded for the month of October, the month his mixtape releases. However, in November he plans on releasing music videos for "The Life of Payden", "The Other Life of Payden", "This Is My Country", and "Celebration" (Which other than "The Other Life of Payden" were going to be the singles as well as the track "Hoppin In the Back").

Production[edit | edit source]

Ya Boy Payden had just joined and already had an idea for a mixtape. 16-Bit Fantasy was originally going to be called This Is My Country and originally going to be consisting of beats only from the Donkey Kong Country franchise. But Payden then decided to just make the record only consist of Payden rapping over instrumentals and beats sampled from Super Nintendo Entertainment System songs.

About halfway through the making of the mixtape, Payden went searching through many music Discord servers to find somebody to mix and master and he found somebody by the name of Daniel Rysavy. Rysavy and Payden became really good friends during the making of this mixtape and now Rysavy is Payden's exclusive engineer.

Track List[edit | edit source]

The tracklist consists of 11 tracks; 3 Intros/Interludes, and 9 Songs.

  1. Nostalgia (Intro)
  2. This Is My Country
  3. The DK Island Swing (feat. R&d)
  4. My Pal Fort Fort (Intro)
  5. My Pal Fort Fort
  6. Hoppin In the Back
  7. Funky the Main Monkey (feat. R&d)
  8. The Life of Payden (feat. Depp Gibbs)
  9. Get On The Bus (Interlude) [feat. Young Seagull]
  10. The Other Life of Payden
  11. Celebration (feat. White Fury)

Payden has stated multiple times that the song he's most proud of is The Other Life of Payden and Celebration, as those are his 2 favorite tracks.

Critical Reception[edit | edit source]

The mixtape has been met with mixed reviews as it has a current score of 49 on AOTY. By many, it is considered Nursery Rhyme Rap and few people love it, few people hate it, and most people think it's very mediocre. Payden takes this criticism to heart as he makes his next 3 albums.

Success[edit | edit source]

Payden woke up from his infamous monthlong grounding a day early, October 31st, and saw that he somehow got 10k streams on his mixtape. He claims he did no botting and no sleep streams, and he told nobody to do it. His only proof was that he was grounded and he literally couldn't bot or even stream it. But despite these claims, most people believe Ya Boy Payden botted his streams because of how many monthly listeners he has compared to his streams. And because the evidence adds up, Beetlebat decided not to chart his Spotify streams for the first week. Disregarding the controversy, it was very successful and he has fans in the United States, Czechoslovakia, and Austria somehow. The mixtape currently sits at 11k total streams and has 5 songs with over 1k streams alone.

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