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.jitters (formerly known as .jittrs), is a Finnish-American artist formerly signed to Flex Entertainment. He is known for his highly experimental style, and is considered a pioneer of the "noise rap" subgenre, though his recent musical ventures have placed less emphasis on hip-hop elements. He is also known for his songs "Flexin," "Take Two Steps Back," "Elmer," and "i don't need u." He is a member of the hip-hop duo Eerlob alongside fellow rapper Lil Pinecone, and is a co-founder of the rock band Blueberry Bed. He is the younger brother of Flex Entertainment rapper Lil Squeaky.


.jitters began making music in 2018, shortly after his brother Lil Squeaky released his first few singles. .jitters released his first single "My Beautiful Utopia" on SoundCloud in summer 2018. Throughout 2018 and 2019, he released 10 projects, all of which were mixtapes, studio albums, collab tapes with Lil Pinecone, or EPs. In this same timeframe, .jitters and Lil Pinecone formed a short-lived rap duo known as EERLOB, where they released 1 mixtape. In mid 2019, he went on hiatus, and didn't continue making music until mid 2020. He signed to Flex Entertainment on June 26, 2020. During his time in the label, he has released a number of double-singles as well as the EP On Tha S, which would go on to gain notoriety after being featured on a tier list of Flex Entertainment projects. He also regrouped with Lil Pinecone, and they are in the works of another mixtape. A song from his On Tha S EP called "I Don't Need U" became his highest-charting solo song at No. 33. He released a diss track on Big Twigey with Interbrain called "Big Stinky" on January 8, 2021. It debuted at No. 6 on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100, becoming Jitters' first Top 10. Another song from the deluxe of On Tha S called "Sadder Than Ever" debuted at No. 97. It went on to peak at No. 50.

.jitters left Flex Entertainment on April 5, 2021.

Musical Style[]

.jitters' early music is often described as loud and abrasive. This sound (aptly named "noise rap" by brother Lil Squeaky) was created from .jitters screaming and singing over free instrumentals he found on YouTube. When he initially signed to flex, he released one song called "Elmer". This song was .jitters attempting to replicate the music of his newly found peers. However, unlike his past music where he took subgenres of rap and built upon them creatively, this was him trying to make a "serious" song. Elmer received poor reception upon release, but has since gained a cult fanbase. After the song, .jitters took a hiatus from music. When he returned, his music was much more in line with his original work. Unlike his original work, though, his newer material drew inspiration from many other genres besides rap. Many of his recent songs have minimalistic instrumentation, courtesy of his producer, Cedric. While much of his music sees rock influence, it is hard to put it in a genre. .jitters has made songs in rap, rock, EDM, country, and many other genres. His album Up and Down showcases his new style with incredibly short, often instrumental songs.


  • Along with CRZFawkz and Lil Squeaky, .jitters is well known for his extensive and long Soundcloud discography.



  • MYSTERIOUS (2018)
  • Up and Down (2021)


  • bandwagon tape (2018)


  • Love yourself my man gang gang (2018)
  • dwayne the canvas johnson (2018)
  • FINALE V5 (2019)
  • On Tha S (2020)
  • Thanksgivin'! (2020)
  • On Tha S - Extended (2021)

Collaborative Albums[]

  • ya yeet (with Lil Pinecone) (2018)
  • Crosswalk Mixtape (Eerlob) (2018)